Upcoming Dividends

All upcmoing dividends declared by the companies with dividend yield and dividend per share in rupees.
Company Action Dividend per share Dividend Yield Ex Date
HPIL 125.45 (-4.55) Hindprakash Industries Limited
Dividend ₹ 0.50 0.4% 29-Sep-2023
BCG 19.2 (-1) Brightcom Group Limited
Dividend ₹ 0.10 0.52% 29-Sep-2023
BAJAJHLDNG 7332.05 (-14.55) Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited
Interim Dividend ₹ 110.00 1.5% 29-Sep-2023
MAHSCOOTER 7543.8 (21.6) Maharashtra Scooters Limited
Interim Dividend ₹ 110.00 1.46% 29-Sep-2023

Ex-date is the date on which a company start executing a particular corporate action and it could result the change in the share price.

Record date is the Date on which company make the list of their shareholders to give benefit of the announced action. In india it takes 2 days to settle the shares in the account. So an invester must have to buy the shares 2 days earlier of the ex-date to get benefit of the announced action.

What is Dividend?

The dividend is an amount paid by a company to its shareholders as a distribution of profits. Dividends can be paid in cash or in shares of stock. The company can pay dividends to its shareholders when it has enough profits or when it wants to reward its shareholders for their investment. The amount of the dividend is determined by the board of directors and is usually based on the company's past performance and future prospects. Dividends are payable only to shareholders who owned the shares prior to the ex-dividend date.

Interim Dividend

Interim dividends are a way of paying out some of the company's profits to its shareholders before the end of the financial year.

An interim dividend is not a final dividend and it does not affect how much a shareholder will receive at the end of the year. It is just an early payment for what has been earned so far during that financial year.

Final Dividend

A final dividend is a dividend that is paid to shareholders as the last payment of dividends in particular financial year

Special Dividend

A company will issue a special dividend when it has extra funds that are not needed for operations. This is often done to return value to shareholders and make them feel more confident about the future of the company.

Why Companies pay dividend?

A company pays dividend to reward its shareholders for their investment in the company. It is a way of giving back to the shareholders by giving them some of the profits from the company. Dividend is also a way for companies to maintain a healthy relationship with their investors. The main benefit of paying dividends is that it can help investors earn more money.

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