Asian Paints Limited

ASIANPAINT 2900.15 -11.05 -0.38% * As on 29-05-2024
2670.1 3568
52W Low 52W High

Asian Paints Limited is trading on both the NSE and the BSE stock exchanges. In both the NSE and the BSE, it is listed under same symbol ASIANPAINT. It is classified in group "A" in BSE. "A" group shares typically offer high liquidity.Current face value of a share is Rs. 1. Asian Paints has a market capitalization of 337335.47 crore rupees. Know more about Asianpaint

Asian Paints is listed in both NSE and BSE
This stock is part of following NSE indices.

Corporate Actions

There is no new corporate action


There is no new announcement

Support and Resistance Targets

These pivot points are useful to get an ideas of target, reversal or breakout levels. intraday daily target (30-May-2024), weekly and monthly (May 2024) share price target for Asian Paints .

Target Daily This week This Month
R3 2961.47 3050.58 3129.35
R2 2941.58 2985.92 3036.3
R1 2920.87 2930.33 2952.25
PP 2900.98 2865.67 2859.2
S1 2880.27 2810.08 2775.15
S2 2860.38 2745.42 2682.1
S3 2839.67 2689.83 2598.05

As on 2024-05-29 share price closed at 2900.15. It fell 11.05 points from its previous day close of 2911.20. No one can predict or forcast the movement of the share. But our estimated idea is that certain levels are important for the share price. Tomorrow if it moves upside then 2911.32 could act as Resistance point and if it moves downside then 2888.99 level could act as support. Check the other more SR levels where share price could react.

On up side 2911.32 could act as resistance
On down side 2888.99 could act as support

Technical Indicators & Moving Averages

SMA = Daily Simple moving average, EMA = Daily exponential moving average, RSI = Relative Strength Index. Technical indicators are useful for traders.

20 SMA
20 EMA
50 SMA
50 EMA
100 SMA
100 EMA
200 SMA
200 EMA
MACD Signal

Today Asian Paints share closed below the 30 days EMA.Today Asian Paints share closed above the 200 days EMA. RSI of ASIANPAINT is in Mid Range. MFI is in overbought zone.

Closed below 30 days EMA
Closed above 200 days EMA
RSI is in mid range
MFI is in overbought zone
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