About CHOLAHLDNG company
What CHOLAHLDNG does Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Limited
What company does?Financial services, asset management, insurance
Entity typePrivate
Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Limited is a share market listed company in the Investment Company industry . It got listed on NSE on 25-SEP-2017 under the trading symbol CHOLAHLDNG. On BSE it is listed under trading symbol CHOLAHLDNG. The company operates in Finance , Investment and Insurance categories. Check cholahldng stock details.

About Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Limited

Cholamandalam Financial Holdings Limited (CFHL) is a diversified financial services provider based in India. The company operates through its various subsidiaries, offering a wide range of financial products and services including asset management, housing finance, insurance broking, and investment banking.

One of the key offerings of Cholamandalam Financial Holdings is its asset management arm - Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Limited (CIFCL). CIFCL provides vehicle finance, home loans, home equity loans, SME loans, investment advisory services, stock broking services and a variety of other financial products to customers across India.

In addition to this core business segment, CFHL also has interests in insurance brokerage through its subsidiary – Chola MS Risk Services Ltd., which offers risk consulting solutions for corporate clients.

The company's commitment to leveraging innovative technology sets it apart from competitors. It continuously invests in cutting-edge digital platforms to enhance customer experience and provide efficient financial solutions. By embracing technological advancements such as AI-driven processes and digitized customer interfaces, CFHL stays ahead in delivering seamless experiences to its clientele. Furthermore,

one significant aspect that distinguishes CFHL from others is its strong focus on inclusive growth by catering to the under-served segments of society. This emphasis on reaching out to all sections of the population helps the company stand out as an institution with social responsibility at its core.

In terms of collaboration,

there have been notable partnerships between Cholamandalam Financial Holdings' subsidiaries and global entities. For instance,

CIFCL has had successful collaborations with international organizations like World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), DEG Germany


and Netherland Development Finance Company FMO among others.

Overall, With a diverse portfolio spanning multiple facets within the financial sector coupled with their forward-thinking approach towards technology integration and societal inclusivity efforts makes Cholmandalam Finanical Holdings Limited a formidable player amidst their peers.
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