Participant (FII, DII, Retail, Pro) Wise Market Activity

Check out the what the FII, DII, Pro and Retail clients are doing in the Futures and Options market. Participant wise market activity report is useful to get an overview of the FII, DII and individuals' activity in the derivative segment. Data is showing in Open Interest in number of contracts and up down from the previous day OI.

* As on 2022-09-30 20:42:18


Future Long Future Short Call Long Call Short Put Long Put Short
Client 261227 +5327 118723 -24213 2056254 -2218290 2082151 -1950115 2199690 -24148 2396236 -264724
DII 35716 -2600 59431 +8864 719 0 0 0 32686 -890 0 0
FII 26414 -34865 140803 -19918 322075 -331331 213639 -206985 480416 -287540 236823 -68848
Pro 30024 -5276 34424 -2147 681363 -260931 764620 -653452 810862 +48944 890595 +69938


Future Long Future Short Call Long Call Short Put Long Put Short
Client 1374489 -38523 247167 -24068 600335 -660943 396074 -430284 200181 -145523 303471 -202443
DII 51984 -17930 1358893 +1340 0 0 32584 -90378 0 0 0 0
FII 1032309 -4985 1029661 -59577 14696 -22521 23959 -36565 16685 -26906 11370 -11957
Pro 277692 -93696 100753 -72829 147489 -211105 309903 -337342 218969 -195417 120994 -153446

Clients: Retail individual investors are referred to as clients. Clients are account holders with various brokerage companies that trade in the derivatives market in futures and options.

DII: DIIs are domestic institutional investors. DIIs primarily trade in this market for hedging and speculative purposes. Mutual Fund Houses, Pension Funds, Banks, and Insurance Companies are some of the most prevalent DIIs on the market.

FII: Foreign Institutional Investors are international investors from different nations that want to invest in the Indian market. FIIs are the most essential participants, and they play a critical role in defining market direction and volatility. FIIs influence market trends and are accountable for the market's and economy's liquidity and sustainability.

Pro: Pro are individual proprietor and brokerage businesses who trade on their own behalf.

FII activity in the cash market segment should not be seen as a trading indication because they primarily invest for the long term. This information should be used as a supplement to developing a market position. Their futures and options activity should be followed for short-term trading.

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