Participant (FII, DII, Retail, Pro) Wise Market Activity

Check out the what the FII, DII, Pro and Retail clients are doing in the Futures and Options market. Participant wise market activity report is useful to get an overview of the FII, DII and individuals' activity in the derivative segment. Data is showing in Open Interest in number of contracts and up down from the previous day OI.

* As on 2023-12-01 20:42:32


Future Long Future Short Call Long Call Short Put Long Put Short
Client 184891 -8812 173538 -4453 3527392 +1298037 3546876 +1215689 3807906 +1457273 4044945 +1358994
DII 69785 -53 51236 0 0 0 0 0 82430 +5408 0 0
FII 78388 +6932 125549 -2855 850083 +286486 795636 +396213 1117865 +305640 877240 +378791
Pro 53852 -8537 36593 -3162 1259295 +349010 1294259 +321632 1380994 +443179 1467010 +473714


Future Long Future Short Call Long Call Short Put Long Put Short
Client 1712565 -31380 225193 +13357 827509 +142477 526430 +94532 324376 +78691 439103 +75841
DII 120427 +6513 2012773 +9705 0 0 15409 +12350 0 0 0 0
FII 1386860 +34332 1253251 -29563 30260 +26207 44920 +34185 33747 +24887 30581 +22821
Pro 438280 -3209 166915 +12757 278174 +88377 549184 +115994 355462 +68599 243901 +73515

Clients: Retail individual investors are referred to as clients. Clients are account holders with various brokerage companies that trade in the derivatives market in futures and options.

DII: DIIs are domestic institutional investors. DIIs primarily trade in this market for hedging and speculative purposes. Mutual Fund Houses, Pension Funds, Banks, and Insurance Companies are some of the most prevalent DIIs on the market.

FII: Foreign Institutional Investors are international investors from different nations that want to invest in the Indian market. FIIs are the most essential participants, and they play a critical role in defining market direction and volatility. FIIs influence market trends and are accountable for the market's and economy's liquidity and sustainability.

Pro: Pro are individual proprietor and brokerage businesses who trade on their own behalf.

FII activity in the cash market segment should not be seen as a trading indication because they primarily invest for the long term. This information should be used as a supplement to developing a market position. Their futures and options activity should be followed for short-term trading.

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