Participant (FII, DII, Retail, Pro) Wise Market Activity

Check out the what the FII, DII, Pro and Retail clients are doing in the Futures and Options market. Participant wise market activity report is useful to get an overview of the FII, DII and individuals' activity in the derivative segment. Data is showing in Open Interest in number of contracts and up down from the previous day OI.

* As on 2023-02-02 22:50:21


Future Long Future Short Call Long Call Short Put Long Put Short
Client 242728 +11612 141246 -9271 1821017 -2405608 1852637 -2146657 1269535 -1033518 1695119 -926961
DII 53370 +164 23710 -4782 1601 0 0 0 27875 0 0 0
FII 27882 +1811 140581 +28706 487949 -162509 340645 -180415 562747 -126544 206166 -154836
Pro 26094 -2540 44537 -3606 663277 -459912 780562 -700957 618600 -117924 577472 -196189


Future Long Future Short Call Long Call Short Put Long Put Short
Client 1464690 +13466 201491 +211 921310 +87267 618852 +67399 312400 +38610 459232 +48587
DII 48340 +2593 1596192 +11373 600 0 35095 +6017 0 0 0 0
FII 1141384 +7117 1052123 +11483 42279 +4406 59345 +7405 91201 +23218 36569 +7238
Pro 335314 +9157 139922 +9266 295362 +31823 546259 +42675 372173 +31852 279973 +37855

Clients: Retail individual investors are referred to as clients. Clients are account holders with various brokerage companies that trade in the derivatives market in futures and options.

DII: DIIs are domestic institutional investors. DIIs primarily trade in this market for hedging and speculative purposes. Mutual Fund Houses, Pension Funds, Banks, and Insurance Companies are some of the most prevalent DIIs on the market.

FII: Foreign Institutional Investors are international investors from different nations that want to invest in the Indian market. FIIs are the most essential participants, and they play a critical role in defining market direction and volatility. FIIs influence market trends and are accountable for the market's and economy's liquidity and sustainability.

Pro: Pro are individual proprietor and brokerage businesses who trade on their own behalf.

FII activity in the cash market segment should not be seen as a trading indication because they primarily invest for the long term. This information should be used as a supplement to developing a market position. Their futures and options activity should be followed for short-term trading.

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