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Note: All prices and reports are based on end of the day (EOD) data. Website updated at 8:00 pm every day.

I am new to share market

If you are a share market newbie, then here are some resources which should help you to take the next step in the financial market.

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These articles could help you to understand and get started in the stock market.

Share market basics

Get the basic information about share market for the beginners.

Know all about IPO

What is IPO and how to buy IPO. Why companies offer initial public offer.

How to start investing

How to start investing or trading in share market?.

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First step should be to find out the companies to invest the money

I am familiar with share market

If you have already boarded. You can start digging down basic stats and data.

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Company Action Value Ex Date
Other 04-Dec-2023
AGM 04-Dec-2023
Merger 05-Dec-2023
AGM 06-Dec-2023
Bonus 1:1 12-Dec-2023
Dividend ₹ 21.00 12-Dec-2023
AGM 12-Dec-2023
AGM 13-Dec-2023
AGM 13-Dec-2023

Market Wide Position

Get an overview MWPL Data in Futures and Options segment. Find out shares banned to trade

Option Chain Analysis

In depth Option chain analysis for Stocks and Indices. PCR value and builtup for for each contract

Participant Wise FO Activity

Get FII, DII, Retail and Pro Particpants positions in Future and Options

Corporate Action Tracker

Get the latest Corporate actions like Dividends, Splits, Buybacks etc.

How useful is the end of the day data analysis and research?

End of the day EOD data is collection of the data after closing of the stock market. It gives the aggregate information of the whole day what happened in the stock exchange. These days minute to minute data is also available, but we are not providing that.

We can not invest money blindly. So a research and analysis of the market data is important. So, data analysis is very important to stay updated. EOD data gives us information that what the other investors are doing. We can find the market trend based on the data. An old saying is that 'trend is the best friend' in the market. Always take action according to the trend. Basic rule is buy when the market is low and sell when the market is up.

For every type of investor EOD data is very useful. People do a thorough research and analyse the data everyday and plan for the next day accordingly. Investor may predict the stock movement in long term and short term. Stocklyzer provide the EOD data in way that eveyone can understand and access the data easily. We process the raw data and generate some meaningful reports.

This is just the beginning of our website, so we need feedback from you to make it more useful. Contact us if you need any kind of special report. We will try to build that.

Disclaimer :

Trading or investing involves a high level of risk, including the loss of all of your investment. No information on our website should be interpreted as an investment / trading suggestion. We are not providing any kind of financial tips or recommendations. We just provide the data that you can analyse yourself and make your own decision. You are solely responsible for any of your action.

We are not SEBI registered analysts. Our website or any person associated with our website are not liable for any kind of losses, fees or charges etc.

We have tried our best to keep the data accuracy. Though we process the data directly available from the exchanges, but still we don't guarantee that our data is accurate and up to date. Verify the accuracy of data from other sources as like NSE and BSE websites.


At stocklyzer, we provide financial tools, guides and data analysis to help you to make your decision in the financial market.

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