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Name Mcap(Cr.) Face Value (₹) Industry
Women Networks Ltd. 10.05 (0.18) WOMENNET
2 10 Software Products BSE
1 10 Other Textile Products BSE
Vardhman Polytex 10.08 (-0.26) VARDMNPOLY
142 1 Other Textile Products NSE BSE
30 2 Residential- Commercial Projects BSE
10 5 Services BSE
48 1 Capital Goods BSE
Sab Events & Governance Now Media 10.12 (0.19) SABEVENTS
9 10 Media- Entertainment & Publication NSE BSE
4 10 Diversified Commercial Services BSE
SRU Steels 10.2 (0.21) SRUSTEELS
6 10 Services BSE
Shamrock Industrial Co. Ltd. 10.21 (-0.53) SHAMROIN
3 10 Trading & Distributors BSE
Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. 10.25 (-0.53) PITHP
5 10 Packaging BSE
11 10 Other Textile Products BSE
Jonjua Overseas 10.31 (-0.48) JONJUA
8 10 Services BSE
Vardhman Concrete 10.33 (0.49) VARDHMAN
4 10 Cement & Cement Products BSE
Market Creators Ltd. 10.34 (-0.54) MKTCREAT
4 10 Other Financial Services BSE
433 2 Diversified Commercial Services NSE BSE
Hilton Metal Forg Ltd-RE 10.4 (-0.7) HILTON-RE
0 10 NSE
Kkalpana Industries (India) Ltd 10.41 (0.19) KKALPANAIND
121 2 Specialty Chemicals BSE
60 10 Civil Construction BSE
5 10 Iron & Steel Products BSE

Understanding Penny stocks

Penny stocks are also known as low-priced stocks. The exact meaning of penny stocks varies from country to country. For example, in the United States, penny stocks are defined as those that trade for less than $5, but in the United Kingdom, penny stocks are defined as those that trade for less than £1.

We call low priced stocks as "penny stocks"

First of all lets understand what is the meaning of the word penny. Read the definition of penny. A penny was a fraction of a pound, the currency of UK. It is similar to the Cent in America and the Paisa in India. So the stocks that were valued at under 1 pound or 1 dollar were known as "penny stocks". So the stocks trading in pennies were called penny stocks. But in modern times, some countries have increase the criteria, like in the US stock market, penny stocks are those stocks that have a share price under $5. Read here for more details.

Penny Stocks in India

In India, there is no set definition of "penny stocks", so there are different views on the price of penny stocks. Some think it is below 1 rupee or 10 rupees, while others think it is below 100 rupees.

So, What exactly are penny stocks

Basically Penny stocks can be defined as the microcap companies which have very small market capitalization. lets say 1000 cr. Or fairly we can say that the stocks which are between Rs. 10 and 100. We can find some good penny stocks in this price range.


What are penny stocks?
Penny stocks, also known as micro-caps, are typically stocks of small companies, which are traded at a low price. Exact criteria differ from country to country like in US it is under $5 and in UK it is under £1.
What is the difference between penny stocks and normal stocks?
Aside from the price of a share, there is no discernible difference.
What are the risks of investing in penny stocks?
Stock in a small company has more risk than stock in a company that is larger and has more assets. Penny stocks can be difficult to trade because the shares do not trade with enough volume. This lack of liquidity makes it difficult for investors to buy or sell shares. But keep in mind every large company was once a small company. They could also give huge profit. So invest after proper research.
Can penny stocks be profitable for investors?
Investors need less money to invest in a penny stocks and they could give good return with just a small movement in the price. So, there are some investors who believe that penny stocks can be profitable for them if they know what they're doing. Investors should be cautious about the penny stocks that they invest in, and make sure to do their research on the company before investing any money.
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