Trading & Distributors

All the shares / companies listed under Trading & Distributors category in Indian stock exchanges NSE and BSE. Use the dropdown to filter the companies.

Market cap wise list of Trading & Distributors stocks

Company Name Market Cap. Listed in
REDINGTON 176.2 (10.65)
11519 Cr. NSE BSE
MMTC 37.65 (0.2)
5738 Cr. NSE BSE
HEXATRADEX 164.55 (-0.8)
918 Cr. NSE BSE
OSWALAGRO 44.6 (-0.3)
597 Cr. NSE BSE
STCINDIA 86.9 (-0.85)
526 Cr. NSE BSE
KACL 0.38 (0.01)
445 Cr. BSE
VERITAS 145.2 (2.8)
376 Cr. BSE
RIDDHI 350 (0.1)
358 Cr. BSE
KOTHARIPRO 107.15 (3.1)
328 Cr. NSE BSE
SAKUMA 14.9 (0.3)
322 Cr. NSE BSE
AFEL 18.55 (0.65)
172 Cr. BSE
LESHAIND 2.83 (0.13)
133 Cr. BSE
NIBE 47.15 (2.2)
125 Cr. BSE
SICAGEN 25.4 (-0.15)
118 Cr. BSE
SIGIND 39.35 (1.35)
115 Cr. NSE BSE
METROGLOBL 69.55 (0.3)
115 Cr. BSE
PRISMX 83.45 (3.95)
112 Cr. BSE
ANIKINDS 38.3 (-1.4)
109 Cr. NSE BSE
GENPHARMA 9.45 (-0.09)
108 Cr. BSE
CRAVATEX 304.4 (9.75)
105 Cr. BSE
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