Companies with highest share price

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Name Mcap(Cr.) Face Value (₹) Industry
MRF 79622 (-794.7) MRF
34706 10 Tyres & Rubber Products NSE BSE
Page Industries 49664.9 (-326.9) PAGEIND
55761 10 Garments & Apparels NSE BSE
Honeywell Automation India 38918.9 (-315.05) HONAUT
35471 10 Industrial Electronics NSE BSE
3M India 24086.55 (209.9) 3MINDIA
27652 10 Diversified NSE BSE
75850 10 Cement & Cement Products NSE BSE
The Yamuna Syndicate Ltd 19900 (900) YSL
398 100 Services BSE
Abbott India 19181.1 (1040.9) ABBOTINDIA
40632 10 Pharmaceuticals NSE BSE
Nestle India 18979.15 (138.2) NESTLEIND
184391 10 Packaged Foods NSE BSE
Bosch 15670.45 (11.2) BOSCHLTD
46674 10 Auto Components & Equipments NSE BSE
173 100 Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) BSE
Polson Ltd., 13739.45 (-245.5) POLSON
150 50 Specialty Chemicals BSE
45052 10 Personal Care NSE BSE
Lakshmi Machine Works 12249.15 (288.55) LAXMIMACH
13206 10 Industrial Machinery NSE BSE
Tasty Bite Eatables 11887.3 (38.3) TASTYBITE
3065 10 Packaged Foods NSE BSE
Bharat Rasayan 11624.4 (429.8) BHARATRAS
5488 10 Chemicals NSE BSE
Kama Holdings 10310.5 (340.05) KAMAHOLD
8007 10 Holding Company BSE
18004 5 Auto Components & Equipments NSE BSE
Atul 8923.65 (107.45) ATUL
26658 10 Specialty Chemicals NSE BSE
Blue Dart Express 8710.9 (129.05) BLUEDART
21001 10 Logistics Solution Provider NSE BSE
3028 10 Specialty Chemicals BSE

Investing in expensive shares

Investing in expensive shares might seem like a good idea, but it is not always the best option. If you are not aware of what exactly the most expensive shares are, then you should research more before investing any money into them.

A high share price doesn't mean the company is more valuable. Company value also depends on no. of shares in the market. To find out the most valuable company check the Companies with highest market capitalization.

Let's take an example if a company A issues 10 shares with a price of 10000 then its market cap will be: 100000. On the other hand if a company B issues 1000 shares with a price of 200 then its market cap. will be 200000. Here company B is more valuable where as company A has 50 times expensive share price.


Which company has the highest share price in India
Currently MRF company has the highest share price in India. So MRF is the most expensive stock in India
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