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Name Mcap(Cr.) Face Value (₹) Industry
Konark Synthetics Ltd 10.01 (0.47) KONARKSY
9 10 Other Textile Products BSE
Bloom Industries Ltd 10.04 (-0.52) BLOIN
16 10 Iron & Steel Products BSE
Radhe Developers (India) ltd. 10.05 (0.38) RADHEDE
596 10 Residential- Commercial Projects BSE
7 10 Other Financial Services BSE
1 10 Other Textile Products BSE
Munoth Financial Services Ltd. 10.08 (-0.53) MUNOTHFI
7 10 Other Financial Services BSE
16 10 Capital Goods BSE
Aksh Optifibre 10.1 (-0.1) AKSHOPTFBR
155 5 Telecom - Equipment & Accessories NSE BSE
Transwarranty Finance 10.1 (0.35) TFL
23 10 Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) NSE BSE
Polymac Thermoformers 10.1 (0.1) POLYMAC
17 10 Plastic Products - Industrial BSE
Ganon Products GANONPRO
12 10 Trading & Distributors BSE
TRC Financial Services Ltd. 10.12 (0.48) TRCFIN
9 10 Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) BSE
Arshiya 10.15 (-0.25) ARSHIYA
262 2 Logistics Solution Provider NSE BSE
ABC Gas (International) Ltd. 10.15 (0.01) ABCGAS
13 10 Copper BSE
K.Z.Leasing & Finance Ltd. 10.17 (-0.52) KZLFIN
5 10 Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) BSE
Veerhealth Care 10.19 (0.32) VEERHEALTH
12 10 Pharmaceuticals BSE
Century Extrusions 10.2 (0.45) CENTEXT
82 1 Aluminium- Copper & Zinc Products NSE BSE
Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd. 10.2 (0.48) SABOOSOD
66 10 Other Food Products BSE
UTL Industries 10.2 (0.13) UTLINDS
12 1 Residential- Commercial Projects BSE
Vaxtex Cotfab 10.2 (-0.7) VCL
0 2 NSE

Shares below Rs. 50

Some companies split their shares to lower the price of the share that more people can afford to buy. So you could find some good companies to invest under Rs. 50. There are some good companies having a share price under Rs. 50. For example PNB is the second largest government bank with a share price below Rs. 50.


Are the stocks below 100 more risky?
Every stock is risky if you invest without proper research. It doesn't matter what price is it.
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