All the shares / companies listed under Pharmaceuticals category in Indian stock exchanges NSE and BSE. Use the dropdown to filter the companies.

Market cap wise list of Pharmaceuticals stocks

Company Name Market Cap. Listed in
SUNPHARMA 1132.35 (-13.8)
263405 Cr. NSE BSE
DIVISLAB 3705.05 (-41.75)
98119 Cr. NSE BSE
DRREDDY 5517.05 (-151.45)
88065 Cr. NSE BSE
CIPLA 1185.9 (-20.5)
84696 Cr. NSE BSE
TORNTPHARM 1850.4 (-24)
65640 Cr. NSE BSE
ABBOTINDIA 22543.25 (-295.1)
49271 Cr. NSE BSE
AUROPHARMA 866.4 (-10.05)
45668 Cr. NSE BSE
LUPIN 1097.45 (-29.85)
42545 Cr. NSE BSE
ZYDUSLIFE 595.6 (-20.05)
38793 Cr. NSE BSE
BIOCON 264.35 (-2.65)
36996 Cr. NSE BSE
GLAXO 1560.55 (4.75)
23686 Cr. NSE BSE
IPCALAB 894.25 (-5.8)
20143 Cr. NSE BSE
JBCHEPHARM 1377.7 (-64.45)
19446 Cr. NSE BSE
PFIZER 3857.95 (26.05)
17778 Cr. NSE BSE
AJANTPHARM 1705.9 (-16.8)
16601 Cr. NSE BSE
SANOFI 7106.65 (-41.7)
15913 Cr. NSE BSE
NATCOPHARM 849.15 (-10.8)
14019 Cr. NSE BSE
APLLTD 752.2 (-12.65)
12813 Cr. NSE BSE
GLENMARK 802.8 (-24.9)
10439 Cr. NSE BSE
ASTRAZEN 4583.8 (66)
9506 Cr. NSE BSE
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