Corporate Actions & Events

All upcmoing corporate actions
Company Action Value Ex Date
JYOTISTRUC 17.6 (0.3) Jyoti Structures Limited
Other 04-Dec-2023
METALFORGE Metalyst Forgings Limited
AGM 04-Dec-2023
BOROLTD 422.65 (0.35) Borosil Limited
Merger 05-Dec-2023
JBFIND 8.2 (-0.1) JBF Industries Limited
AGM 06-Dec-2023
SAFARI 4410.75 (-17.1) Safari Industries (India) Limited
Bonus 1:1 12-Dec-2023
BPCL 438 (2.3) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Dividend ₹ 21.00 12-Dec-2023
SUVENPHAR 674.35 (14.65) Suven Pharmaceuticals Limited
AGM 12-Dec-2023
IFCI 25.1 (-0.3) IFCI Limited
AGM 13-Dec-2023
RCF 131.05 (2.4) Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited
AGM 13-Dec-2023
RCF 131.05 (2.4) Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited
Dividend ₹ 3.70 13-Dec-2023
PODDARHOUS 132 (0.7) Poddar Housing and Development Limited
AGM 19-Dec-2023
PRITIKAUTO 27.15 (-0.3) Pritika Auto Industries Limited
AGM 22-Dec-2023

Ex-date is the date on which a company start executing a particular corporate action and it could result the change in the share price.

Record date is the Date on which company make the list of their shareholders to give benefit of the announced action. In india it takes 2 days to settle the shares in the account. So an invester must have to buy the shares 2 days earlier of the ex-date to get benefit of the announced action.

Corporate Actions

Corporate actions are the actions of a company that are undertaken by its board of directors, officers, or other authorized personnel. "Corporate action" is an umbrella term for a broad range of activities that companies undertake. These can include mergers and acquisitions, share buybacks, rights issue, bonus shares and dividend payments.

Corporate actions are any action by a company that impacts its stock price. These can be positive or negative and they typically happen when management changes their strategy or when they have to make an announcement about their company's financial status.

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