Consumer Services

All the shares / companies listed under Consumer Services category in Indian stock exchanges NSE and BSE. Use the dropdown to filter the companies.

Market cap wise list of Consumer Services stocks

Company Name Market Cap. Listed in
DMART 3968.05 (13.3)
266048 Cr. NSE BSE
NYKAA 171.05 (-0.65)
84853 Cr. NSE BSE
ZOMATO 63.2 (1.45)
67856 Cr. NSE BSE
IRCTC 723.55 (1.75)
66632 Cr. NSE BSE
MANYAVAR 1368.15 (19.6)
24448 Cr. NSE BSE
DEVYANI 190.1 (1.2)
20799 Cr. NSE BSE
INDIAMART 4338.15 (-2.9)
14759 Cr. NSE BSE
MEDPLUS 659.7 (7.45)
12133 Cr. NSE BSE
SAPPHIRE 1337.65 (-1.65)
8977 Cr. NSE BSE
EASEMYTRIP 68.2 (1.2)
8230 Cr. NSE BSE
CHALET 345.55 (15.1)
6267 Cr. NSE BSE
RBA 116 (4.65)
5539 Cr. NSE BSE
GOCOLORS 1145.2 (-13.8)
5343 Cr. NSE BSE
LEMONTREE 90.1 (-1)
5031 Cr. NSE BSE
BARBEQUE 1040.85 (-1.8)
4900 Cr. NSE BSE
ARVINDFASN 326.55 (-5.3)
3829 Cr. NSE BSE
CARTRADE 494.25 (9.75)
2941 Cr. NSE BSE
BLS 360 (-1.1)
2634 Cr. NSE BSE
SHANKARA 714.6 (12.35)
1831 Cr. NSE BSE
FRETAIL 3.3 (-0.15)
1814 Cr. NSE BSE
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